Features that meet your business needs

Channel Manager 2-Way XML KE-BOOKING®

Distribute your hotel in a global market and give maximum exposure to your business thanks to our Channel Manager.

System operation

Simple and ergonomic, our Channel Manager will save you valuable time updating your different plannings.

A planning centralizes your stocks, availabilities and rates, and share them with the PMS, the booking engine (booking engine) and all the distribution sites on which you expose your establishment.

When a reservation is registered / canceled on one of your distribution sites (channel), or on your booking engine, where manually entered manually in the PMS, the stocks of all other channels are updated instantly.


  • Stocks and availabilities
  • Bookings delivery
  • Rates management per length of stay
  • Rates managemenet per persons
  • Rates update in real time
  • Overbooking risk minimized
  • Distributors follow-up
  • With or without rates parity (up to you)
  • Opening / closing schedule
  • ...


Our 2-Way XML Channel Manager implements the latest XML interfaces from distribution sites. Everything is accessible to you.