The ideal solution for your business

Multiple properties

You have several hotels, you can manage all of them in KE-BOOKING® under a single account, as independent properties.

You have a hotel in Brest, another one in Paris and a third one in Marseille, KE-BOOKING® allows you to manage all of them from a single interface.

This is the great strength of our solution, each of your properties is managed with its own seasonality and its own specificities. Each of your properties has its own booking widgets (modules, calendars, buttons, links), colors and logo.

Multiple kind of lodging

You have guest rooms, furnished accomodations, cottages and/or unusual accomodations in a single property, KE-BOOKING® allow to manage all of them from a single interface.

Here again, KE-BOOKING® handle that perfectly. Each accomodation has its own specificities and you have a view of the availabilitiy of all your accomodations at a glance.