Features that meet your business needs

Hotel software (PMS) in SAAS mode (hosted)

For 1 room as for 1000, KE-booking® PMS opens the doors to an automated and efficient daily management.
From the booking to the customer departure, you manager all the customer relationship (arrival, departure, payment, special request etc..) from from a single interface.

Coupled to the Booking Engine, the Channel Manager and to the KE-booking® Payments Manager, you use a software suite, complete and integrated that permit to effectively manage your day-to-day business.


All of the features are accessible with a minimum of clicks.

Planning and reservations centralized

  • Tracking of the reservations from all of your distribution channels (email, phone, Booking Engine, OTAs etc...)
  • Centralized all of your plannings to save time via the synchronization or the Channel Manager
  • Add / modify / cancel a reservation simple or multi-rooms in 1 click.
  • You can confirm your manually entered reservation with a reservation number for a better tracking

Rates management

The extended rates planning of KE-booking® will permit you to manage your prices finely and accoring to your strategy. Your rates are automatically pushed into your Booking Engine and your Channel Manager..

Customers management

You can at anytime find out a customer informations in few seconds from his reservation number, his name or stay dates.

Payments management

You know at anytime who has paid what, when and how, visually without manipulation. You have a view of the state of your reservations and you can take necessary decisions without loosing time.

Arrivals / Departures

You can follow arrivals / departures and know at anytime who has arrived, who must leave and the people present.


KE-booking® PMS is equiped with a complete invoicing software that will permit you to create a deposit or a total invoice directly from the reservation in 1 click. You can also create credit note invoices and send all of your invoices to your customers in PDF format branded with your logo and colors.