Features that meet your business needs

Online reservation with KE-BOOKING®

Bring visitors to your sites is good,
converting them into customers is even better !

The real online reservation (with immediate confirmation) has contributed to the success of OTA, you too, offer the same service with a « smart » system, full and innovative.

Win customers by lowering your costs. Improve and expand your online bookings. Direct booking with your establishment helps preserve your margins.

Today to have an active and innovative marketing, it is important to convert visitors to your website, your facebook page or other sites / directories into customers by offering them convenient, secure tools at all times and on all devices.

Ke-booking has developed tools to assist you.

Simplified booking process!

Simplified booking process that promotes the act of purchase.

A reservation funnel in 3 steps:

  • availability check
  • entering customer information
  • payment of deposit / down payment and / or card mark

Late cancellation / no show guarantee system

This exclusive system allows you to avoid or offset late cancellations and no show, so as to ensure your cash. Learn more.

An exclusive system to lose no customers

Our booking engine automatically offers availabilities to your client's dates to maximize the chances of booking. Our « smart » system responds to your customer as you would yourself.

Extended rates planning

All types of rates can be used in KE-booking:

  • seasonality
  • night, week, half-week, weekend etc.
  • rental, one person, two people, families, groups
  • extra person
  • adult, child, baby rates (configurable ages)
  • day of arrival, minimum / maximum of nights
  • first minute (early booking) / last minute (last minute booking)
  • ...

Customizable booking pages

Everything has been thought to reassure your customers, booking pages are customizable to your colors and logo.

Customizable widgets to insert into your website

We offer two types of widgets to allow your customers to book:

  • reservation module: to be positioned on your "reservation" page. Allows you to enter dates and people to book a rental, as well as the ability to reserve your packages
  • reservation buttons: to be positioned as close as possible to the description of the service to be booked (rental, stay, special offer or gift card)

Booking links to position on affiliated sites

These booking links allow you to weave your network of affiliated sites, which allows you to position the link "book" closer to the description of your institution.

You can position these links on as many sites as you want:

  • Tourism Offices
  • Regional Committee of Tourism
  • Tourist attractions
  • Directories
  • ...

You can weave your network of online direct bookings providers and increase your margins.

The of KE-Booking®

  • Only 1 contract, therefore, a quick implementation and a reduction in costs
  • Single, monthly and detailed billing to minimize reconciliation and accounting time
  • 1 contract, 1 interlocutor, gain in time saving and professionalism in case of problems