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Ecosystem of a modern establishment

All features of KE-booking®..


Manage all your reservations in 1 click: modify, move, put on wait, options, status monitoring, customers, payments, simple and complete invoicing.

The PMS (hotelier software) allows you to monitor/manage/control all your reservations in real time.

Find in a single point all of your reservations from your different sales channels: Channel Manager, Internet Booking Engine, other distribution sites synchronized via the iCal technology.


Our systems natively integrate KE-BOOKING® payments solutions (SEPA zone only). Our exclusive Payments Manager system allows you to simplify your payment process (online and offline) on all your services and products.

You can also choose to link your KE-BOOKING® softwares to a third-party payment solution (bank solution or payment intermediary)


Connect your KE-BOOKING® softwares to all of your distributor sites. You share your availability in real time. You can also control your rates and restrictions, openings/closings via the Channel Manager.

Choose a high-performance, reliable Channel Manager, offering a large number of possible configurations and support for implementation and modifications.


Develop your sales and above all your direct sales. The performance and profitability of your establishment will be increased.

Adopt a high-performance booking engine (complete, simple and fast) to turn your visitors into customers.

Also offer the sale of extras, gift cards, packages to diversify your sales that can help increase your sales.

Choose the organization that suits you in terms of booking guarantee: immediate confirmation (with or without payment), deferred confirmation (booking option), multiple payment methods (bank card + holiday vouchers for example).

Our booking engine is designed with clarity in mind that protects your property and your guest. Your customers reserve with confidence knowing your conditions as well as the protection of their personal data via a clear display of the GDPR (European Personal Data Protection law).

You can accelerate direct sales by integrating online booking with your visibility partners, on social networks and directly in your mailings.

In addition, you can fully manage your reservations taken by another channel (email, phone, etc.) manually: confirmed reservation, booking option, quote (to be confirmed online or offline).

Everything is simple, efficient and fluid.

Commercial strategy

The extended capacities of our booking engine allow you to adapt your model to your commercial strategy: restrictions, pre-payment, security deposit, early booking, last minute, promotions, striked prices, special offers, in kind promotions, preferential prices etc ..


Our tools allow you to manage many aspects of your business now and they are constantly evolving to offer you new features.

Soon, you will be able to manage the various activities of your establishment: households, maintenances, staff schedules, activities, etc.


Compliant, simple, complete and efficient, you can invoice what you want in a few clicks.

Invoicing becomes easy for you and for improving the resulting accounting process. With automatic filling, the linking of deposit and balance invoices, 1-click credit notes, exports in different formats, invoicing has been designed to facilitate this task in order to avoid errors, to simplify your life and to satisfy your customers.

You can completely dematerialize your invoicing process.


Your customers are your wealth, that is the reason why it is essential to know them well, to satisfy them and to encourage them to come back. Our software is constantly evolving in this direction.

Knowing the habits and preferences of your clients, being able to retain new clients and reward loyal customers, discuss before and after the stay... our software supports you in all these operations.

An efficient and all-in-one system

All these features are available on a very reliable platform, and which the response times allow you to easily work with all of our softwares.

Sure of the quality and efficiency of our solutions, we are contractually committed to the level of service with an availability rate (SLA) of 99.5%.

Our Channel Manager has an exceptional rating with Booking.com for a very long time and obtains the maximum score of 100% success in November 2020. We are proud of this achieved level of quality because very few Channel Manager in the world have managed to reach it.

Our softwares and infrastructure offer you an exceptional level of service.