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Sales development: Yield/Revenue Management

The goa of the Yield or Revenue Management is to develop your sales to maximize your the turnover or the revenues of your establishement by playing on several parameters.

Your pricing policy

The definition of your pricing policy is essential in the management of your establishment. Thus, in KE-BOOKING®, several parameters allow you to adapt it as well as possible:

  • seasonality : our system allows you to use an unlimited number of seasons, it allows to segment the year in the most adapted way for your activity
  • promotional codes (coupons) : they allow you to set up targeted offers in your promotional campaigns by e-mailing or other ways. They allow, among other things, to conduct loyalty campaigns.
  • early bird rates (early booking): used to prompt the customer to book early, they can fill up early and carry out targeted campaigns thereafter to adjust the fill.
  • last minute (last minute): used as an incentive for the act of purchase (booking) to optimize filling to achieve the objectives.
  • promotions (barred price): fully configurable: immediate or deferred, you can set them according to criteria of length of stay, day of arrival etc .. They also allow to optimize the filling rate. The price barred when it favors the act of purchase highlighting the economy achieved.

Your offer policy

The definition of your offer policy is also primordial because it implies a perfect knowledge of your customers and the customer typology target you want to address. Several tools in KE-BOOKING® allow you to adapt your offer:

  • static packages and special offers: you can create in KE-BOOKING® what are called static packaged offers: including the stay and an activity (spa, massage, ticket for an event etc ..) or special offers: a special discount or a customer gift for the highlights of the year (Valentine's Day for example)
  • dynamic packages: in this type of package, it is the customer who adds options to his stay. These options are bookable at the same time as his stay and allow you to enhance your offer and increase your turnover.
  • gift cards: they increase your turnover and allow you to compete with gift boxes widely distributed on the internet.

Offer adapability: the virtualization

Beyond the declination of the offer seen in the previous section, you can, if your establishment allows, define several configuration of the place and thus meet the demand of different types of customers. This is called virtualization at KE-BOOKING®.

Here are some examples of what you can do with KE-BOOKING®:

  • hotels: you can meet the demand of groups by virtualizing multiple rooms in a single virtual entity.
  • guest rooms: you can join two rooms located on the same floor to make it a family together in order to meet the demand of families. You can do this easily in KE-booking ® .
  • lodgings: you can with this technique either propose your whole lodging to the renting or propose it by room so as to be able to fill in low season for example.
  • campsites: you can virtualize a part of your park to meet the group offer or combine different types of accommodation to meet a particular demand.

With this exclusive technique, you can meet different types of customers in the same physical location.