Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Who are we ?
KE-BOOKING® is edited by KAMYAB-EDITIONS. French company, created in 2011.
Who is the solution for ?
KE-BOOKING® is aimed at all accommodation establishments: hotels, bed and breakfasts, lodgings, furnished tourism, vacation rentals, campsites. It is available for professionals and for individuals. It has been thought for them and is completely adapted to their business. Whatever the size of the structure, KE-BOOKING® can meet the needs of everyone.
What can your solution bring me ?
KE-BOOKING® is much more than an online payment solution. It is a complete solution that allows you to MANAGE your daily business and SELL all of your services.
Elle répond aux différentes formules que vous pouvez avoir.
How can I make sure that the solution suits me ?
By reading the descriptions given on this site. Please note that following your quote request we will contact you by phone to discuss your needs and make sure that the solution is right for you.
How can I know more ?
By contacting us via the contact form of this site. Contact form.

Payment and billing

Do you cash the money from my bookings for me ?
It's up to you. Indeed, if you have opted for your customers to pay a deposit (deposit or down payment) online via KE-BOOKING® payment, the booking engine cash the customer the booking guarantee and give you back your money at the beginning of each month.
Can I be paid directly by my clients ?
Yes. The system authorize the reservation amount to be paid directly to your establishement. In this configuration, the KE-BOOKING® booking engine ask the customer for a card mark to guarantee the reservation.
Can I get bookings without payement ?
Yes. You just configure the system to this effect.
Do I contract with a bank, do I need a distance selling contract ?
No. KE-BOOKING® is a turnkey solution, you have no contract to take with a bank.
Do I need to have a paypal account or other payment solution ?
No. The payment solution is integrated with KE-BOOKING®.
Do I have a physical or virtual payment terminal (TPE) ? ?
No. KE-BOOKING® is a turnkey solution, bank transactions are managed by our system.
How do the payouts occur ?
Every month, your bookings paid via KE-BOOKING® are recorded and the amounts are paid to you directly to your bank account via SEPA bank transfer.
When the money of my reservations is it paid out ?
A the begining of each month.
Do I have a risk of not being paid in case of default ?
No. KE-BOOKING® own a specific bank account dedicated to the collection of the deposits of your customers.
This account is a transit account between customers and owners.
Most of the time, your money will be payout before the stay of your client.
Do I have an invoice for the services I am paying you ?
Yes, in PDF format downloadable and printable from your software.
Does your solution send an invoice to my clients ?
Yes. However this is reserved for the owners managing their activity in the form of a company and having activated this free option.

Cost of service

How much does your solution cost ?
The cost is calculated according to the characteristics of your establishment and the options chosen in the form of subscription (from 20 € / month).
What am I paying ?
You pay for quality tools and services that allow you to manage your business on a daily basis (booking engine, hotel software (PMS), Channel Manager, etc.). You pay a development team that continues to innovate and develop high value-added services for you. You also pay a support team that monitors the platform 24/7 and a personalized support. The purpose of personalized support is to help everyone to implement their solution, to advise them on the implementation of its rates, selling policy etc. KE-BOOKING® is a remote service but you are accompanied daily.
How can you charge such a low rate ?
We own our solutions, so there is no intermediary or subcontractor to pay.
Do I have to pay extra to sell on my site ?
No. It's included in the price of the service.
Do I have to pay extra to sell on my Facebook page ?
No. It's included in the price of the service.
Do I have to pay extra to sell using my booking link on other booking websites than mine ?
No. It's included in the price of the service.
Do I have to pay extra to manually record the reservations received via phone, fax or email ?
No. The use of the softaware for your reservations coming from your other channels is included.

Create an account

How does the registration occur ?
The regsitration is done online in two steps:
1) fill out the request for quotation form, we will study your request and we will contact you by phone
2) then you just have to accept and pay the quote if it suits you
You are registered at KE-BOOKING®, you can start setting up your account.
At any time we remain available through the contact form or by appointment to answer your questions.
How is the contract signed ?
The online acceptance of the conditions validates date and signature of the contract.
Is the account opening complicated ?
No. The opening of the account is done online and is done simply by means of forms.
Is the use of the account complicated ?
No. The interface is simple and intuitive, helps guide you and our team answers you for more complicated questions.
How long does it take to install my online booking system ?
It takes a few hours after signing the contract online for online booking to be available on your site and your facebook page.
To set up your account, it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the size of your structure and we make a point together on your rates either by mail or by phone.
Once your data is validated, it remains only to set up your module using a simple copy / paste.
Should I have a Facebook page to be able to use your solution ?
No. The Facebook application is not mandatory, it allows you to add a live sales channel and allows your visitors / fans to see your services and book faster.
You can install the Facebook application only on a fan page, not on a profile page.

Booking process

What gets my client that goes through your platform ?
Your client receives a confirmation email containing the number of his reservation and the summary of the services ordered.
Can I send confirmations manually ?
Yes, the PMS permits to send a confirmation to your customers for your bookings entered manually.
How long does a reservation take ?
Less than 3 minutes.
What are the steps of booking ?
The reservation is made in 3 steps:
1) check availability and rates
2) Entering customer information
3) Payment or bank imprint
The entire booking is done on secure pages in HTTPS.
How am I notified that a customer has booked ?
At the same time as sending the confirmation to your customer, the platform sends you an email with the essential elements of the reservation. The booking details are available immediately in the PMS.
Can I customize my booking page ?
Yes. & Agrave; your colors and logo.

Planning Management

How can I see if a date is available ?
Different calendars allow you to check the availability of a date during a reservation request by phone or email.
Can I manage my reservations over the phone with your system ?
Yes. The system even allows them to be distinguished by a color code.
Can I manage my bookings from my contact form with your system ?
Yes. The system even allows them to be distinguished by a color code.
Can I manage all my distribution channels with your solution ?
Yes. You can use as many channels as you need.
What happens if a customer wants to book a date already taken ?
The system offers him dates so that he can adapt his stay if possible and for you not to miss a sale that was possible.
Can I set up my seasonality in your solution ?
Yes. KE-BOOKING® proposes a very efficient system of seasonality to allow you to set up a tariff policy closer to your needs.
I wish that in the high season the customers can not book at night but for 3 nights minimum, is it possible to do it with KE-BOOKING® ?
Yes. The possibilities offered by the booking engine KE-BOOKING® are very extensive. It is almost possible to do everything in terms of tariff.
If you have a doubt about your rates, you can contact us by the contact form of the site by indicating your site and we will tell you if it is possible to set up your rates or what adaptations to consider.
Can I offer promotions to my clients with KE-BOOKING® ?
The booking engine KE-BOOKING® allows you to make promotions in euros or as a percentage of all the services you offer.
Can I offer stays to my clients with KE-BOOKING® ?
Yes. The solution allows you to offer themed stays, packaged stays and special offers to your customers.
Can I sell my gift cards with KE-BOOKING® ?
Yes. The solution allows you to offer your customers your gift cards to buy.

Booking on your website

What should I put on my site to add the online booking to my website ?
KE-BOOKING® offers you different tools to put the reservation online on your site:
1) a reservation module
2) booking buttons to put closer to the description of your services (rooms, rentals, packages, ...).
Do I have to use a service provider to install the module on my site ?
The installation of the module is very simple, just copy / paste a code and place it on your site. If you are an administrator of your site, it will take a few seconds.
If you go through a webmaster, it will not take more time (if no editing of the page is necessary).

Booking on your Facebook page

What should I put on my Facebook page to add the online booking ?
To set up the booking on your Facebook page, simply set up our Facebook application by clicking on a link.
Attention, you need a Facebook page and not a profile
Is it complicated to add your module to my Facebook page ?
No. This is done in two minutes, without any computer skills.
Do I need a service provider to install your application for Facebook ?
No. You must be an administrator of your Facebook page. Our application installs in 1 click.
What is the cost of your Facebook application ?
It is included in the subscription.
Do you have details of my services on your Facebook application ?
Yes. To allow your fans to book easily, the inventory of your services is under your application for each tab.
You can more easily communicate on promotions, special offers, themed stays that you put in place and you can sell them directly to visitors of your page.


Can a customer cancel the reservation made via KE-BOOKING® ?
Yes. A cancellation link is provided with the confirmation.
What is the cost for the customer ?
The cost of cancellation for the customer depends on the information you have set in the software. KE-BOOKING® does not charge anything more to the customer.