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Secure your turnover!

Do you operate today with a credit card guarantee?

Keep your operation, KE-BOOKING® will automatically take the card mark of the customer's credit card to guarantee all of your bookings made online.

» No more need to save customers' credit card details

No need to enter customers' credit card details, this saves you the time, risk of error and risk of false information that you can not check every time. KE-BOOKING® do everything for you, registration and verification and also offers you the guarantee in case of late cancellation or no show.

Do you operate today with a deposit or pre-payment?

Keep your operation, KE-BOOKING® cash the deposit / pre-payment for you on a dedicated account and take the imprint of the credit card of the customer to guarantee the reservation.

» No need to block the room

No need to block the room while waiting for the check (or other kind of payment) from the customer who sometimes never arrives. KE-BOOKING® by its system of payment of deposit secures the reservation.

» Secure your last-minute bookings

Difficult to ask for a deposit / or pre-payment to a customer who reserves close to arrival. KE-BOOKING® by its system of payment of deposit / deposit secures the reservation.

Do you operate today without a deposit?

Keep your operation, KE-BOOKING® guarantees your reservations by the customer's credit card imprint.

In all cases

KE-BOOKING® allows you to set a cancellation policy and protects you against the no-show of the customer.