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Optimize your distribution strategy
and maximize your income

Adopt products and services to manage your day-to-day business, improve your online and offline direct sales, and make your business strategy and customer relationship more effective.

PMS (Property Management System)

As the cornerstone of your business, it allows you to orchestrate all your activities and automate many of your everyday tasks. Multi-users, it is also ergonomic to ease your life.

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Internet Booking Engine

The booking engine is your online sales tool. We have designed it to be one of the most fluid and fastest on the market in order to facilitate the booking process.

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Channel Manager

Our 2-ways Channel Manager will allow you to manage your rates and availabilities and receive the bookings from your channels.
It is designed to be fast and evolutive.

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Optimize your payments strategy

Our Payments Manager helps you get paid in one click for any purpose: reservation, confirmation of an option, quote, invoice etc.. Any kind of payment can be performed in place or remotely via email or sms.

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Our Solutions

Why Choose Our Solutions


All our softwares are built with the speed as a priority. From the design to the infrastructure passing through coding this is one of our priorities.


We are committed to design our softwares to minimize the user efforts. Many tasks are automated to free you time for your activity.


You benefit from an infrastructure always based on the latest technologies. Contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA): minimum up time 99.5%.


Our solutions are built to be evolutive and in continuous innovation. Automation, Interfaces to third party systems, New Technologies, New Trends..


Your data are so important to your business that we take the best care to manage, store and secure them. Your data are protected with the latest security standards.


Provided as SaaS softwares you can access it from anywhere and you always benefit from the latest available version without installing anything on your computer.

Looking for the best partner for your business ?

KE-BOOKING® is offering high quality solutions: property management system, booking engine, channel manager, payment gateway interfaces for all types of accomodations: hotels, motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges & guest houses..

On top of our solutions, KE-BOOKING® is a team that is fully dedicated to the success of its customers.

Only advantages:

  • Professional Staff that accompanies you
  • Save Time and Money
  • Complete, easy to use and Affordable solutions
  • Quick to setup
  • No Hidden Cost

Direct Sales

Our Booking engine is efficient. It is designed to ease the booking process and maximize the direct sales. Instant booking (with or without payment) or inquiry, you can easily setup the process you wish. Boost your sales with special offers, packages, discounts and gift cards.



Your plannings are centralized in KE-BOOKING® and distributed to all your channels.
Availabilities and Rates are distributed in real time and always up to date. For this we propose a top class Channel Manager.


Customer Relationship

Manage all the relation with your customers easily. Your customers are satisfied and you gain a lot of time. All your activity is managed from a simple interface, so you can can quote, confirm, inform, welcome and invoice your customers in a few clicks.

No software to install

Accessible everywhere, all the time !
No updates to install.

No website ?

This is not a problem !
All the tools are accessible to you.

Cancellation rate:

<i>KE-BOOKING</i><sup>®</sup> parvient à vous apporter un taux d'annulation aussi bas de moins de 3%

Against averages noted between 18% and 30%
(depending on the channel)

Internet Booking Engine
compatible with
all platforms..

<i>KE-BOOKING</i><sup>®</sup>, système de réservation compatible avec Joomla, Wordpress, Jimdo, Blogger, Drupal, Weebly, Tumblr et toutes les autres plateformes..